All items will be return shipped via USPS Priority Mail unless other arrangements are made.

To ship your slide, remove the barrel and guide rod and Fabricated Arms will handle the rest of disassembly/reassembly.

All services in the “Machining Services” category show “in stock” on the website if the service is currently being offered for purchase. You will need to arrange and handle shipping of your item to Fabricated Arms for the service to be performed. We recommend shipping your item insured and with a tracking service. Fabricated Arms is not responsible for your item while in transit. Please include a copy of your receipt or a cover letter that includes your name, return address, services paid for, and any additional details. Once we receive your item you will be notified via email. Your item will be machined and shipped back to you within the current lead time.

Ship all items to:


1404 Nottoway Blvd

Victoria VA 23974


Current lead time from the time your item is received is approximately 2-3 weeks for optic cuts ONLY(with or without Cerkaote) and 6-8 weeks for all other Machining Services. Lead times are an estimate and may vary. Please allow for longer lead times on custom requests.


After an order has been received it may still be cancelled prior to services being performed. If machining or other services have already begun, the order can not be cancelled. All cancelled orders will be refunded minus a $25 order cancellation fee as well as return shipping charges(if applicable).

Orders must be sent in for service to be perfomed no later than 6 months from date of service purchase .