P365/P365XL/P365X/P320 Mouth Cut

$40. 00

This service mills a “mouth” onto the front of your P365/P365XL/P320. CAN NOT BE DONE ON P365 X-MACRO! Can be done with the V1 package or as a standalone option. This is a service and requires your slide be sent in for the service to be performed. Machined area will be left raw unless Cerakote is purchased.

Cerakote is an additional service and can be found HERE

This service requires you send in your factory slide for the machining to be done. Fabricated Arms will disassemble and reassemble your slide if you choose to not do so yourself. Include a cover letter with your information when sending in your slide. Fabricated Arms will send the machined slide back to you when complete. Slide will be returned to you with raw machined features unless you request your slide to be cerakoted. An additional cerakote service is available under the cerakote tab.