Glock MOS optic milling

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This Machining service mills your slide for the Glock MOS footprint and allows you to utilize MOS optic plates to install your desired optic or you can directly mount a Holosun SCS (Glock MOS version only) optic onto your supplied Glock slide. The mounting pocket is milled to the factory MOS depth and placed infront of the rear dovetail on 10MM and 45cal slides. On all other caliber slides the rear dovetail MUST be machined away to accomodate this cut(on factory MOS cut slides the rear dovetail is placed further to the rear of the slide). A new dovetail forward of the optic cut can be milled if desired, the service can be found under the Glock Machining Services tab.  The slide is drilled and tapped to accept M3 harware, same as the factory MOS cut. NOTE: MOS optic plates and hardware not included with the machining service.

If want Fabricated Arms to supply you with an optic and install it, select an optic from the drop down menu.

Cerakote is an additional service and can be found HERE

This service requires you first send in your factory slide for the machining to be done. Include a cover letter with your information when sending in your slide. Fabricated Arms will send the machined slide back to you when complete. Slide will be returned to you with a raw machined pocket unless you request your slide to be cerakoted. An additional cerakote service is available under the cerakote tab. It is preferred that you send your optic along with your slide to ensure proper fitment.

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